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Micro-Airballons R&G 0,19 g/cmc 350 ml (#MBL87960)



Micro-Airballons R&G 0,19 g/cmc 350 ml

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Micro-Airballons 0,19 g/cm³
Hard, inert, silicate-based microscopic hollow spheres
Yields hard filling compouds
Economical light filler (0.19 g/cm³)
For epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins
Micro-Airballons are primarily used to reduce the weight of plastics, rubber, resins, cement, etc., but also they have other advantages in a wide range of applications. Some of the advantages such as an increased amount of filler and improved rheology results from the spherical shape of the product.

Properties: Low density, spherical, pourable, inert
Application: Automobile insulation mats, BMC, SMC and GRP, brake linings, epoxy resins, taping mud, cast polyester, artificial marble, plastic foams, oil drilling cements, phenol resins, plasters, PVC floor covering, refractories and cement

Advantages: Lighter, increased amount of filler, improved pourability, less shrinkage, less water absorption, improved flame protection, improved chemical resistance.

Technical data: Added to a resin/hardener mixture: flowable up to approx. 90 weight percent, can be used as taping mud as of 100 weight percent.
Cantitate: 350 ml