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Aeromodel Resco, kit planor (#KAV02.8020)



F3-RES, anvergura 1990 mm

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Kit of high performance thermal glider with span of 1990mm category F3-RES 2M in plaster. Very light classic all-balsa construction, fuselage with balsa gondola and light plywood with carbon tail beam. Controlled rudder, elevator and aerodynamic brake.

RESCO is a builder’s kit of a high performance F3L (RES 2M) thermal glider. The lightweight all-balsa airframe could be easily “electrified“ using 150-250 W brushless motor; the kit contains the firewall and other parts necessary. RESCO is a great project for a modeller who wants to start building model planes and already can fly an entry level elevator and rudder control model. After all, under the supervision of a skilled modeller, RESCO might be even your very first RC model. The well-thought design with precise interlocking CNC cut parts makes the building a breeze. At the same time, RESCO is a contest “thoroughbred” that would bring you medals at F3L/F5L contests - if you can fly it right.

The RESCO kit has been designed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The front part of the fuselage is a simple “box” structure of CNC cut balsa and plywood parts. The receiver, elevator and rudder servo compartment is easily accessible through a removable hatch. The tail boom is a lightweight carbon tube with a balsa/plywood pylon for the horizontal tailplane.

The three piece wing featuring a modified AG wing section is a classic D-box design with balsa ribs and sheeting. The “I” shape main spar consists of spruce main spars with balsa shear webbing ensuring low weight and high strength. The outer wing panels with winglets are joined with the centre panel by carbon joiners, beech alignment pins and secured with magnets. The spoiler and its servo are located in the centre of the wing centre section. The wing is secured to the fuselage with nylon bolts.

The empennage is glued together from balsa CNC cut parts; the fin features a carbon reinforcing spar. The horizontal tailplane is removable for easy transport and storage; it is secured with nylon bolts to the fuselage. The elevator and rudder are controlled by piano wire push rods.

Covering: You can use a good iron on film; transparent ORCOVER® is a good choice for a Sunday flyer. You should go for the lightest covering material available - like the ORALIGHT® film - for a contest minded plane.

Radio: You will need just at least three channel radio (or even just two channel set for a glider without spoiler). Good 9-15 g micro servos of 1.5-2 kg.cm torque will certainly do the work very well.

Receiver battery: Panasonic Eneloop 800 mAh 4.8 V NiMH receiver pack is great for a contest flying RESCO.

The kit contents: CNC-cut balsa and plywood parts, hardwood sticks a balsa sheets, carbon tail boom, accessories set, sheet of stickers, full size building plan, and instruction manual.

Wingspan [mm]: 1990

Lenght [mm]: 1125

Weight od  [g]: 440

Wing Area [dm2]: 36.16

RC Control: Rudd,Elev,B

Building difficuilty: S2

Difficuilty of piloting: P1

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