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Icarex roz fluorescent, 70x100 cm (#HS0366-359)



Icarex roz fluorescent, 70x100 cm

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Icarex este o folie RipStop din polyester, produsa in Japonia. Este utilizata pentru invelirea aeromodelelor, fabricarea velelor si zmeelor. Este caracterizata de masa redusa, rezistenta mare la uzura si la raze UV. Se aplica pe structura modelului in mod asemanator ca si foliile Koverall, folosiind adeziv Oratex (sau alt adeziv termoactiv). Dupa aplicare se intinde prin incalzire. Nu necesita vopsire, eventual se poate aplica un strat de lac protector in cazul utilizarii la modele cu motor termic.

Dimensiuni: 70x100 cm
Masa specifica: 31 g/mp
Culaoare: roz fluorescent

Icarex: is produced in Japan by Teijin. This fabric is made of polyester with a low weight (about 31 grams), high strength and low stretch as advantages. On top of that, Icarex is water repellent (also a positive side of polyester) and very good airtight. The tear-resistance of Icarex is less than can be found in a lot of spinnaker fabrics that are made of nylon. Mostly used with trick kites and single-line kites. The UV-resistance of Icarex is better than that of Chikara, so the colours of Icarex last longer (retain their beauty).