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Placa Vector Board 3x300x1000 mm Mărește

Placa Vector Board 3x300x1000 mm (#13300.3)



Placa Vector Board 3x300x1000 mm 

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Noul material de la Graupner, numit Vector Board este materialul ideal pentru confectionarea modelelor, indiferent de tipul acestora: aeromodele, navomodele, modele statice, etc. Combina avantajele materialelor cunoscute si folosite in modelism pana in prezent:


- este foarte usor, comparabil cu EPP
- poate fi prelucrat prin taiere, slefuire, termoformare
- este rezistent la rupere
- revine la forma initiala dupa indoire sau presare
- poate fi lipit cu CA, UHU POR, hot glue
- poate fi vopsit prin orice metoda
- se livreaza in diferite grosimi, de la 0.2 mm-10 mm

- Dimensiuni: 3x300x1000 mm
- Grosime: 3 mm>
- Masa: 42 g

Become the creator and let your fantasy and imagination be created thanks to Graupner Vector Boards

Graupner's new Vector Plates offer you the opportunity to develop and create your own customized models. 
Whether it's a glider, a remote-controlled aircraft model, a vehicle model, or a static model, the Vector Board is very versatile. It is robust and more burst resistant than EPP and will be used on Vector Line models in the future.

Examples of application and construction applications thanks to Vector Board.

Come and create your model of glider - download a 3-page preview from the internet. Print and place it on the Vector Board. Add any desired area to cut, cut as per the preview, color and your own glider is ready.

Try to build a Vector Boards model by printing a similarly sized but enlarged cut so that the model's wing corresponds to approximately the total A4 size. Similarly, you are folding the whole plane.

The Graupner Vector Board in a thickness of 2 to 5 mm is ideal for indoor model aircraft weighing up to 200g. The material is ideal for the manufacture of wings or hulls with carbon fiber reinforcement, for the production of tail surfaces or for skeletons of static and radically controlled models.

Material Surface 
We have decided that the Vector Board will be as light as it is primarily adapted for flying. Since the Vector Board is cast into blocks and then divided into different thicknesses, the vector board surface may look slightly different depending on the thickness. 
Casting creates a kind of ice crystal appearance with stripes on the surface.


  • Lightweight
  • Graphite
  • Fine pores
  • Flexible
  • Burst resistant

Ways to work with the board:

  • The Vector Board can be cut with a cutter, laser, hot wire, knife or fine toothbrush.
  • The Vector Board can be glued with UHU adhesive, Hotmelt or Superglue.
  • Can be coated with felted lips, crayons, acrylic paints, universal colors, watercolors, digital printing.
  • If necessary, you can easily extrude the vector board to create more sophisticated shapes. With a hot air gun, simple shapes can be bent.