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image: Alarma LiPo LiPo display/buzzer 1-8S Mărește Nou Reduceri!

Alarma LiPo cu display 2-8S (#2RCA0039)



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Dispozitiv de masurare si monitorizare tensiune celule LiPo.

Special feature:

Loudly buzzer can be heard from distance, you can put this device on your plane and use it as on-board alarm, so you can hear the low voltage alarm during flight.

Use for 2-8S Lipo/LiMn/LiFe
Voltage detection precision ±0.01 V
Unit voltage display range 0.5 - 4.5 V
Total voltage display range: 0.5 - 36 V
Low voltage alarm mode for 2 - 8 S
Alarm set value range: OFF - 2.7 - 3.8 V
Weight: 8.7 g

When the voltage is below the set value, it will buzzer with red LED light, pre-set value 3.3 V.
Push key which can change the voltage settings and save.

* Friendly remind: The sound of the low voltage alarm is very big, so please be prepared when use it for the first time, and you can turn it OFF when use indoors.

1x Voltage checker/low voltage buzzer 2-in-1 device